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Vertical Financial Group is a full-service financial planning firm providing straightforward advice and personalized planning for all phases of financial life for executives, business owners and valued associates alike. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather work to provide the tools and advice needed to help guide you forward and upward towards reaching each of your unique financial goals and aspirations.

Many individuals see our team as their personal CFO, integrating and coordinating all areas of their financial lives— including investments, insurance, estate planning and taxes. Our corporate clients benefit from our custom designed 401(k) and workplace benefits plans, offering transparency and a unique ability to engage participants and provide user-friendly guidance and education to maximize plan participation and goal outcomes.

Perhaps one of the most unique attributes at Vertical Financial Group is our in-depth team approach. With nearly a century of collective experience, each of our partners is highly trained and credentialed in financial planning with a dedication to the ongoing study and mastery of planning techniques specific to retirement. We regularly tap into each other’s expertise, utilizing one if not more of the managing partners’ input for each of the plans that we design to provide the most qualified recommendations possible for each individual scenario.

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