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Retirement Planning

At Vertical Financial Group, our specialty is helping to provide wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution planning for retirement income with a tax-favored distribution of wealth for you and the next generation.

The team of Vertical Financial Group is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the ongoing mastery of all areas of financial planning related to retirement, including:

IRA Rollovers
In a constantly evolving tax and regulatory environment, the proper handling of retirement accounts is essential to preserve their tax benefits and avoid costly, often irreparable mistakes. Through our affiliation with Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisors, we are constantly seeking out the latest strategies to maximize and protect your retirement assets.

Lifetime Income Strategies
Inflation, taxes, market volatility and health care costs are a few of many looming concerns for those entering retirement. Designing financial plans to provide consistent income through these unknowns is one of the most essential needs that we help fill for our clients.

Social Security Optimization Strategies
With recent changes going into effect in 2016, it is important to understand your filing options to maximize your benefits. Just as each of our investment strategies are created around your personal goals, our partners can help calculate to determine the best strategy for you as a part of a comprehensive income plan.

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