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Wealth Management

At Vertical Financial Group, we offer a dedicated planning focus to provide truly comprehensive wealth management services. We strive to integrate and coordinate all critical financial areas for our clients’ lives including investments , insurance, estate & succession planning and tax-advantaged strategies.

Investment Management

There are three distinct phases in your financial life or, money cycle as we call it; accumulation, preservation and distribution. Knowing which phase you are in is critical for successful financial and retirement planning. In preparing for retirement, most investors go straight to the distribution phase, skipping the very important preservation phase.

To help clients visualize their investment picture, we list their assets in one of three “buckets”; Now, Soon and Later. Each bucket has a different purpose and risk profile. The goal when all buckets are combined should be to maximize retirement income, minimize taxes, eliminate sequence risk, maximize growth opportunities and ensure certain risks associated selling low and buying high are minimized.

Over our decades of experience, we have found that setting clear expectations is key to investor satisfaction. That in mind, our first step in working together will be to establish a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to detail your investment goals and objectives and our management policies applicable to your portfolio, including

  • Outlining you financial goals and objectives
  • Setting parameters of risk tolerance (short and long-term) and return expectations
  • Establishing a framework for how the portfolio will be managed and
  • Defining the responsibilities of the investor and the advisor

Insurance Planning

Whether you are in your peak earning years or in retirement, asset and income protection is a key component of your financial picture. Planning for the unknown and protecting your assets and family is our first priority. Key areas may include:

  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Annuities
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

To assist with these needs, we are able to perform an insurance audit to evaluate your coverage and premiums. In this process we will help identify any gaps or redundancies and provide recommendations to implement that align with your needs and goals.

To assist with these needs, we recommend an insurance audit every three-to-five years. This will identify key vulnerabilities and address current needs.
Estate & Succession Planning
From the legal considerations of transitioning business ownership to bypassing probate through proper titling of assets, each financial plan we create at Vertical Financial Group includes a conversation to fully understand your intentions and goals. Through extensive, ongoing training, including membership with Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisors, the partners of Vertical Financial Group are dedicated to following the latest tax and legal changes that can impact the ownership and transfer of your hard-earned assets, along with strategies to minimize taxes, fees and hassle for your loved ones or successors. We will work closely with your attorneys, CPAs and other strategic professionals to coordinate your legacy goals and execute your vision as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Tax-Advantaged Strategies
With our specialty in retirement planning, we maintain an active and in-depth understanding of the complex tax implications and regulations surrounding retirement accounts. From rollovers to Roth conversions to beneficiary designations, we carefully weigh the tax considerations for our investment advice in order to reduce taxes and maximize retirement income for our clients.

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