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Are you concerned about building wealth for the future or turning your lifesavings into a stream of dependable, secure retirement income? Whether you are still working and accumulating assets or transitioning into retirement, the partners at Vertical Financial provide the tools and advice needed to guide you to your individual financial planning goals. Business owners have unique needs as their business can be a substantial portion of their estate. Proper succession planning will maximize any tax benefits to ensure their legacy.

What keeps you up at night? Through our individualized discovery process, we will conduct a detailed needs analysis to help identify areas of your financial life that are working, as well as areas that may need improvement. From cash flow, to insurance coverage, investment strategies, death and disability planning, and more —our comprehensive and integrated approach was designed to give you an accurate view of your complete financial picture. This information can help you make informed choices when working towards your financial goals.

With a clear picture of your financial needs and goals defined, we will work towards creating an optimal, individualized plan that aims to:

  • Reduce taxes,
  • Maximizes retirement income,
  • Modernizes investment portfolio and
  • Plans for unexpected

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